Earthrise - Massively online multiplayer RPG
Earthrise was developed by Masthead Studios between 2005 and 2012 and sold to SilentFuture. For enquires about the game, please contact SilentFuture:
Key features
  • A unique post-apocalyptic setting where the cloned remnants of mankind battle to survive and rebuild.
  • Highly customizable characters with over 100 different skills, abilities, and tactics.
  • No artificial "class" restrictions get in the way of making the character you want.
  • Fast-paced action-combat featuring dynamic targeting, customizable power armor and hundreds of high-tech weapons.
  • Sophisticated Player versus Player (PvP) mechanics that let you fight for the established order, join the revolutionary underground, or carve your own bloody path as an independent criminal.
  • Territorial conquest and defense that matters. In your domain, you create your own rules – or let anarchy reign.
  • Character progression that keeps you advancing in your career with no limits.
  • An advanced market-based economy with in-game supply and demand based on player activities.
  • Deep crafting mechanics that let you design and manufacture unique items from customizable blueprints and raw resources.
Key features
Guns and Robots is a free-to-play cartoon-style online shooter in which players assemble funny looking, yet deadly robots. The game blends fun, inventive character design and deep customization features. Players are provided with exciting situations during variety of maps. The incredible battle mechanics combined with funny looking robots add a whole new perspective to the genre. Join now the demolishing world of Guns and Robots at:

  • Customizable features. In Guns and Robots, the robots come in three module classes based on players' assembly and unlimited options for character customization.
  • Pinpoint enemies with multiple weapons simultaneously.Wide variety of potential combinations per weapon allow players to fine—tune their arsenal according to their game play preferences.
  • Enjoyable and extremely funny online arenaswhere you literally blast your way through.
  • Adrenaline-pumping game play.The different maps add fine mixture of thrill, speed and action to the game play.
  • Dynamic combat experience.Players can choose to line up for high-level real-time combat.
  • Best of all, Guns and Robots is Free to Play!
Guns and Robots Attack
Guns and Robots Attack is free to play action game for iOS and Android. The game is a mix between endless runner and third person shooter featuring reverse tower defense strategy in a MMO style. Guns and Robots Attack offers massive customization features with humorous visuals in a new easy to pick up and play game for mobile devices.
Key features
Single Player Campaigns with hundreds of levels and difficulty settings. Players can enthrall in single player campaigns to conquer and unlock new worlds.
  • PvP Robot action and thrilling fights, intense dodging, robotic attackers and territory defense.
  • Strategy elements in building defenses, robots, buildings and upgrades.
  • Runner with a meaningful end. There is running and some hovering, maneuvering, jumping and even better – shooting (Reference: Spider-man Unlimited)There is also storming off obstacles, avoiding road bumps, navigating through corners and encountering various bosses throughout the player advancement in game.
  • Massive customization. Players have at their disposal hundreds of parts, resulting in million of combinations of lethal robot creations and various options to grow and fortify their base.
  • Cartoon-style art .There are fun animations with humorous voice-overs that get players sucked in the fun!
  • Easy to play, hard to master. The game features intuitive user interface with simple touch controls. The game provides amazingly accessible and simple drag and release controls in robot building to enhance players experience.