The Earthrise Engine


* The engine is end-to-end MMO framework, the engine developed by Masthead Studios. It is specifically designed for MMOs
which is different from other engines with a network patch added to a good rendering engine, or graphical frontend and
simple object management, combined with a relational database server.

* The engine is designed to support complex MMO features set with customizable RPG (Role-Playing Game) system,
character customization, crafting, massive (64+ players in close proximity) battles, dynamic world, scripted and behavior-driven
NPCs, customizable UI, and much more.

* The framework provides the creators with powerful tools for asset preparation and preview, a collaborative world-editing s
ystem, local server sandbox, all allowing quick iterations and WYSIWYG editing. Input asset formats that allow the usage of
any DCC (Digital Content Creation tools as 3D Studio Max, Maya, etc.) for creation of assets